Jul. 24th, 2011 12:48 pm
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No, this entry is not about what you think... well, not exactly.

On Friday I was reading on twitter and came across a link to this article: about how a "got milk?" ad series about PMS was pulled after a big outcry that it was offensive.

Now, I find a lot of advertising offensive, and usually I just roll my eyes and wonder why these companies think that their stupid ads are actually going to cause people to buy their products. And, honestly, if I had seen this ad before reading about it I probably would have thought the very same thing. Because it's every company's right to make stupid ads, and I'll just think they're dumb and be less likely to buy their products.

But then I started thinking about it. Not just about this ad, but about PMS in general. First off, yes PMS is a real thing. And it sucks. It can range from mildly annoying to quite distressing, and it's unfortunate. But the big problem with PMS is not actually PMS itself, it's society's reaction to it.

Think about it this way... this is a side effect of an important biological process that allows our species to reproduce, yet it's made a huge joke by just about everyone. Why don't we go find a biological process that affects only men and then make that into a huge joke? I'm sure we can find one.

PMS is also falsely used to minimize the feelings of woman. How many times have you seen a woman be justifiably angry - especially in movies / on TV - and then have her anger dismissed by blaming it on PMS? It's just not cool.

Yes, occasionally I am slightly more irritable because of hormones. Most of the time when I'm mad, it's because I have something to be mad about. And even if the anger is partially hormone-fueled, it's really really not going to make it better if someone tries to dismiss it by blaming my sex hormones.

Also, men have hormones too. I wonder how much males would like it if I started blaming every behavior I find objectionable on their overabundance of testosterone?
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You need a "Hate" button.

See, you keep suggesting that I "Like" things which, in actuality, I hate. So please develop a "Hate" button so I can accurately show my feelings.

Or, at least make a "No Way!" button so I never have to be suggested these things again.


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What is wrong with people?

I wake up from sleeping in on this lovely Sunday morning and go to check what's happening with my friends on Plurk. (Well, some of them are my friends, some of them are just my "friends".) So I see this:

Person 1 posts:

(person) has her cafe mocha and is very happy.

Person 2 responds:

cafe mochas have too many calories for me, even w/nonfat/nowhip

Seriously? Really? Is that in any way called for?

I'm pretty sure these people do not actually know each other in real life. And even if they do, who are you to go policing peoples' food choices and raining on their parade anyway?

If I post tomorrow that it's my birthday and I'm having some cake are you going to tell me that cake will make me fat? Probably because you are a jerk!

Really, what we learned from this comment is 1. that you are obsessed with calories and 2. that you are rude.

Personally, I consider a mocha with nonfat milk and no whip a perfectly acceptable number of calories, and a good source of protein to boot.

Who knows what person 1 thinks about it? Maybe it's her special Sunday treat. And even if she drinks 10 of them a day it's none of your business! Would you say that to her face? I somehow doubt it.

Stupid internet anonymity.
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The tech support person just told me "Yes...Because prevent the privacy and security of your account.."

Thankfully for you after 45 minutes of online-support-chatting to this person when they could *still* not understand what I was calling about, I finally called and got someone better on the phone. I don't know if this person is male or female, but we'll just call it a he.

So, after I explain that I've set up my modem/router and the DSL light is blinking and I can't get online he asks me what kind of Windows I'm running and what router. I tell him (these seem normal questions). Then he asks a very poorly phrased question which seems to amount to whether I'm talking to him on my computer. I say "What?" and he says he means am I chatting with him on my computer. I tell him yes. Then he pauses for a very very long time so I tell him I am not connected through my Verizon internet. He pauses again, then asks how many computers I have. I tell him I have one, there is another one in the house. He asks if I am connnected through my router. Um, NO, as I said my connection is not working I am connected through a neighbor's wireless connection.

Is my computer at home?

I don't know why this dude is so obsessed with the location, type, and number of computers I own but at this point it had been 45 minutes and he still didn't grasp the problem (DSL LIGHT BLINKING) so I asked to speak with someone else. He said he would be glad to help me. I said I would really like to speak to someone else. He gave me the number of phone support (the worst part is that I couldn't get the phone support number through the Verizon website because their website is so high tech it doesn't support Vista!). I start calling phone support and he says he'd like one chance to help me.

One chance. Ha ha! So I tell him "OK, I am at home with my computer but I am connected through my neighbor's wireless connection and my Verizon connection isn't working."

And you know what?

He totally chat-hung-up on me. THE JERK!
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I have a bit of a temper. Those of you who know me will know that I'm very happy-go-lucky. I'm content about 95% of the time. I'm slightly whiney about 4% of the time, and the other 1%, well... watch out!

So this is why it's a good think I don't have super powers. See, if I was like Clark on Smallville there would be at least one very smooshed lady. When I was in P-town in a little antique shop with my friend, I met this awful woman. See, the aisles were really really narrow (it was a crowed antique shop, what else would you expect?) and I was calmly walking down an aisle toward my friend. This aisle was big enough for only one person at a time. Well, aforementioned woman decided that she wanted to get out of the shop via the same aisle, so what does she do? Does she say "Excuse me" like a sane person? No, she shoves me over and into an antique dresser, because really that's what you do when someone is in your way.

So I mumble something along the lines of "You didn't have to push me!" and her husband says "Well you weren't trying to get out of the way!"

At that point if I were a super hero I probably would have thrown the both of them against a wall, breaking many valuable antiques. Which is why it's a good thing that I'm not.


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