Aug. 12th, 2008 08:37 pm
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It looks like lots of good movies are coming out in the not-too-near future. Like Coraline (see some awesome making of footage here) which is coming out in February 2009. And the much less awesome but still strangely compelling Twilight - vampires in the PacNW! - which is coming out in December.

Time to start finding movie companions in Seattle. :)
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Yes, Seattle has movies too. But it doesn't have [ profile] caflygrl and [ profile] orionnebula and occasionally [ profile] grateblue2, my Boston movie buddies. All three of which were with me tonight seeing The Dark Knight.


...and how could I not like a theater with flashing stars?

The theater in Fenway has played host to many memorable movie moments during my time in Boston. Hanging out with [ profile] orionnebula for hours beforehand when the last Harry Potter movie was released - we didn't need to, apparently everyone came to the later showings. The cute blond employee with the bouncy walk. Seeing Narnia *and* Indiana Jones. Sadly I think the Golden Compass was at a the downtown theater, but hey, this is the all movie post!

This theater isn't special for any particular reason, it's not The Coolidge. But it is conveniently located...

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The Coolidge is an awesome movie theater in Coolidge Corner, my old neighborhood! I have many fond memories of it during my time in Boston - from the Buffy Singalong - also a picture there of the sign lit up - to seeing some strange movie there with Brit to seeing Brokeback Mountain with [ profile] orionnebula and an entire theater of gay men... Anyway, it's great.

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I don't usually go to many movies at the theater. Well, once in a while and mostly with [ profile] caflygrl or [ profile] orionnebula. But the past few days have been filled with movies. Since the 28th I've seen four (yes, FOUR) movies in the theater.

See, once upon a time when I was in high school and lived in Seattle and all my friends were boys, I used to go to one movie with 6 boys. Apparently when you grow up the only thing that changes is that you see more movies with one boy each. ;)

As an aside, it does always strike me when I visit Seattle that all my friends here are still boys.

In any case, the four movies:

Friday I saw Sweeney Todd with Robb. I wasn't really thinking of seeing it until he suggested it, but I really enjoyed it. It was a little on the bloody side, but not *too* gory. The only part that really got me was some of the very end, the blood aspect didn't really bug me. The acting was rather amazing.

Sunday I saw Atonement with [ profile] hibrian. It was really really really good. And I guessed the ending.

Today I first saw Juno with Brian and then I Am Legend with Jason. At the same theater. I am totally nuts. It was also the theater where I saw Atonement, so I may have actually spent more time there than my "home base" at my aunt and uncle's house. Certainly more waking hours. ;)

Oh, right, the movies... Juno was amazing, hilarious, and probably my favorite movie of the year. Granted it is the first day of the year but... well... hey I reserve the right to change my mind later! And I did see three movies today counting The Usual Suspects from Netflix...

I Am Legend was really good too. I also guessed a big portion of the end of that one, but it was fairly obvious. At least I thought so.

So now that I've seen practically every movie currently in the theater, I think I'm movied out for a bit. Well, unless I find The Diving Bell and the Butterfly playing somewhere...
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Tonight [ profile] caflygrl and I went to see the above-mentioned movie. Their first marketing mistake was making the title 10 words long so no one can remember it. The second was giving away the ending in the title! ;)

Actually I quite enjoyed the movie, though it was long (perhaps to match the 10-word title? - sorry I just can't get over that) I didn't find myself wondering "Is it over yet?" in the middle. I don't think I can say the same for many of the other people in the theater. A few people got up and left in the middle.

What can I say? My taste in movies is not what you would describe as 'mainstream'. I thought the acting was very good and the cinematography was beautiful. Casey Affleck was *adorable* (but that is my taste in men, slightly awkward and very boyish). And of course crazy and somewhat evil. Yeah...
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Since I moved to Boston I've moved 3 times, and now I'll be making it four. Not counting the move from Seattle to Boston, that is.

My landlord is a psycho so I'm moving out, and in with a friend in a small but cute apartment in the North End - where all the cool Italian food is.

This weekend a new buddy helped me move my fish tanks, which was amazing. It's a good friend that helps you cart live rock around. ;) Tonight a few friends came over to help me pack and made short work of my back closet, the DVDs/videos/CDs, and most of my books.

And I've been working a lot, but on Saturday I did get to hang out with Brit and eat some Thai food and see Children of Men. It was good. I was hoping it would have more about why everyone is infertile. (In case you don't know, the premise of the movie is that suddenly in 2009 (or maybe 2008) everyone is infertile.) So the movie takes place about 18 years later when there are no children.

It's an interesting concept for sure. And I wanted to see it when I heard about it because I'm a sciency kind of person. However, the movie is not at all about *why* people are suddenly infertile, but about how the world is falling apart because of it. Still a very good movie.
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Well, I left off on Christmas morning when no one but me and my mom were awake. After posting that and checking the wakefulness of sisters again I decided to hop in the shower.

I was interrupted towards the end by Gina running in to throw up. A lovely start to the day.

We roused the troops and opened presents and ate some blueberry coffee cake.

My presents:

From mom:
blue star earrings (I picked them out myself)
a pretty mermaid with mermaid-unicorn mug
kitty socks

From [ profile] meli88:
a pretty little blue box with a silver star

From my cousin:
a cocktail book

From my aunt:
candy and a promise of yarn :)

From [ profile] hibrian:
marzipan fruits!

The rest of the day was spent sitting around knitting and playing Intrepid. And I watched V for Vendetta. :)

On the 26th we headed out to the outlet mall where I got some much needed comfy-yet-presentable black shoes and a T-shirt for myself. I contemplated and should have bought a jacket at Eddie Bauer, but I didn't. I watched Memoirs of a Geisha. That night we went swimming at a neat pool with tubes and a water slide, which was pretty neat.

I got up early in the morning to take a train back to Seattle...


Apr. 28th, 2006 03:48 pm
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Last night [ profile] orionnebula and I went to the Buffy singalong at the Coolidge theater. I heard about one last year but I think it was after it was over. I've been waiting for one ever since, and when she told me it was going down I was *definitely* there. :)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I got there about 1/2 hour early and waited in line. Supposedly the doors were going to open 10 minutes til 10, but of course at 9:50 we were still waiting. And waiting... and waiting... So we started singing Buffy in line and taking pictures (like the one above).

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

In this one the white balance is off, because Alexis was pretty close and it was dark out, but I think it just adds to my vampiric good looks. ;)

Once we got in the theater and got our goodie bags (mine had Spike on it!) they had a little intro. Part of that was a live acting of the 'morning after' seen with Buffy and Angel. I then proved that I will do just about anything and make a total fool of myself in public for free movie tickets.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

My male lead wasn't all that inspiring, though.
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And life is just going - nothing particularly important, but time is passing and things are being done.

This weekend I went to a Pride and Prejudice party at Alice's house. It was a lot of fun. We watched the A&E miniseries version, which is about 5 hours long. Somewhere during the second disc someone decided that baa-ing like sheep was very funny. There was a whole room of us, 20-somethings, baa-ing and laughing. We had to pause the movie!

Other than that it's been life as usual. Tonight I had Thai and saw Brokeback Mountain again with Catherine.

I've been going to the gym three times a week, and I realized that when I don't go for a while I forget how much I enjoy it. Then I start going again and keep going because I have recent gym memories to spur me on.


Jan. 9th, 2006 01:19 am
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Well, the weekend was filled with knitting and more knitting. Saturday I went out to Quincy (a suburb of Boston) to meet a knitting buddy, Jennifer. We headed out to Hanover, MA (I've never been there before, cool!) and went to AC Moore for their yarn sale - which resulted in me purchasing my promised sweater's worth of yarn for Tubey! Then we headed back to her house, ordered some yummy pizza, and knit for a good part of the day.

I came home and watched Serenity (Finally... It was awesome!) and a bit of Veronica Mars and started on my sweater.

Today I slept in - a bit too late, actually - and then cleaned up a bit around the house and went to Knitsmiths. I worked on a scarf for me - that shall be cool too. :)
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Last night, it was that Brit was dying of cancer. Don't ask, I have no idea where that came from at all. I don't think he ever actually died in the dream, though, so maybe he ended up being cured after I woke up. ;)

Harvard is reserving a movie theater to show Harry Potter on Nov. 17th, the day before it comes out! Sadly I can't go because that's the night of H.I.M. I guess I'd rather see H.I.M., since I can always see Harry Potter later, but still... :(

Oh well... Hopefully I can convince [ profile] hibrian to see it with me and [ profile] meli88 while we're in Seattle for Thanksgiving - and wear our scarves too. Hmm? Hmm?
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Saturday I went to see Flightplan with Brit, which was surprisingly good. You know about the snow already. ;)

Since it was snowing and all, I went home after my lunch with Amanda and did some knitting, Frasier-watching, cooking, and cat petting.

Today I went shopping to get rainbow yarn with the other Amanda (from school) and did some running around town. Since then I've been working on my camo shrug for tomorrow night.

I'm also going to see Audioslave, Seether, and 30 Seconds to Mars with Brit! Yay!
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This weekend I'm doing something, like, totally awesome, k?

I'm going to Rhinebeck ( a big New York sheep & wool festival ) with the school knitting girlies. It shall be magically exciting. I shall purchase some roving to do more spinning! I shall have a joyous time. There is a chocolate booth! Strange but true. I have no clue what a chocolate booth is doing at a sheep & wool festival, but there it is.

And I will hopefully get pictures of me wearing my first ever handknit-by-me adult-sized sweater. (In the long-sleeved sense, I've made tanks and T-shirts.)

As for the rest of life, tonight I'm going over to Alasdair's to watch Big Fish with him, Amanda, his roomie, and [ profile] rikaard. Tomorrow I'm presenting at (and single-handedly wrangling) rotation club since Jenny will be gone. Then tomorrow night it's off to Rhinebeck. I think we're coming back Saturday afternoon/evening, so I'll be around Sunday to give lovin to the kitties and go to Sunday kniting group. Maybe I'll even try to see a movie sometime soon!
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So I woke up early this morning to a weird sound. It sounded kind of like a hissing and running water. I got up, I went to check if the toilet was running water (which it does occasionally after you flush it and it doesn't reset properly) but it was fine. The cats hadn't turned on the kitchen faucet. Then I came back in my room and heard the sound was near the laptop. The laptop was sleeping but I opened it to see if it was spinning the CD or something, and it wasn't.

Then it dawned on me - duh! The radiator! Can you tell I've never lived in a house with a really old heating system?

Today I did some more cleaning around the apartment and went to True Grounds for knitting group. The weather was actually jacket weather today - I wore my jacket I bought last year with the liner zipped out because it's pretty waterproof and it was supposed to rain. I worked on the sleeve for my Rogue, which I started last year at almost exactly this time. After abandoning it for months it's almost done - hopefully I can finish it and wear it next weekend when I'm going to a sheep and wool festival in New York. :)

Now I'm back home and planning to do a bit of grading and watch Bell, Book, and Candle while working more on my sleeve. Tomorrow I'm going to a sale at one of the area yarn shops with one of the new students in my program. Should be fun although I don't if/what I'll get.
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Today in lab I made a new program on the robot, and used it to set up a few plates. I realized a while ago that most of my LJ friends are not scientists, and probably don't have all that great of an idea of what we scientists do all day. You may remember the "one dot, two dots" post. Some of you may even think you have a cooler job than I do... but do you have a robot?

Here it is in action:

Image hosted by

I went to dinner seminar at 6 and did some knitting afterwards with the school-knitting-girls. I even finished the multidirectional scarf, which I posted about in the kitties and knitting post. I'm so accomplished!

And, on my way home, I saw something quite strange. At the intersection of two fairly busy streets a few blocks down from my house I saw a traffic light with the red light and the green light on at the same time! That was odd. I've never seen it before!

Also, not today but still important, I saw Mirrormask yesterday. For those of you who don't know, it's a movie written by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean and directed by Dave McKean. It was really good! Visually it was really stunning and beautiful, especially for the very low budget. The storyline was also very interesting and fairy tale-like in it's quest. I won't say any more because I hate it when people post lots of spoilers. Anyway, suffice it to say it was a very good movie and you should see it if you can.

Hopefully I'll see Serenity this weekend, because I really need to do that.


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