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Today I met up with [ profile] polarg88 for some knitting at Mr. Crepe - a tradition we discarded a while ago but brought back for tonight.

Once upon a time I went to a knitting group in Harvard Square at Peet's Coffee. It was a great group and I eventually convinced her to start coming. Peet's was pretty crowded, but manageable, until they removed a large pew-like bench which was falling apart. Then there were no seats. We switched to Mr. Crepe.


Mr. Crepe is in Davis Square in the old location of Someday Cafe. It's pretty awesome.


I don't know if there's a better way to spend an evening.
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Tonight I went to Trident - a bookstore-slash-cafe on Newbury St. - to knit with [ profile] caflygrl and [ profile] orionnebula. I believe that I actually met them at Trident - and I know I met [ profile] grateblue2 there. The three of us met because of a knitting group that used to meet at Trident (and then a few other places) and "the yarners" as they're affectionately known have made up a good part of my social life, both knitting and non, for a few years now.


They also have killer breakfast burritos. :)
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This article is cool. That is totally something I would think about (as evidenced by the time travel post.)

And then there's another supercool one about optimizing toilet seat position by minimizing total cost and equalizing work.

In other news, I went to see Saves the Day tonight and will soon be going to Rhinebeck with the girlies (road trip here we come!)

Saves the Day was good - it was an acoustic show. They played lots of good songs but the fans were singing along very loudly and annoying Rachel and me. Grr... I didn't pay to come to a concert to hear you sing random fan person!

Ok, it is obviously far too late for me to be writing since I' can't seem to form a coherent thought.

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Guess who's coming to Seattle for her birthday.

So... did you guess? It's me!

Well, actually, I'm coming to Seattle a couple days before the b-day and then going to SOCK CAMP on my birthday, provided they email back and take my money. :) I know, I am a total dork, and I'm proud of it.
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"I was waiting for a cross-town train in the London underground when it struck me
That I've been waiting since birth to find a love that would look and sound like a movie


I want so badly to believe that there is truth, that love is real
And I want life in every word to the extent that it's absurd"

I went out with a bunch of knitters today. There was fun and craziness, and quite a few pictures!

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
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Last night I planned to go home and get some cleaning done... Maybe a little spinning, and some knitting and Netflix-watching.

Well, somewhere between leaving the lab and arriving home, I got an email from Brit inviting me to come out to Salem for dinner. I took him up on that offer and T-ed and Commuter Rail-ed my way out to Salem, MA. Which I must say I have still not really seen, being that I have only driven through it in a flash both times I've been there.

We went to nearby Beverly and had sushi at a Japanese place (and sat on cushions on the floor and had to take off our shoes!). I had Kappa Maki and an avocado roll - yummy! Afterwards we went to an (Italian?) place for yummy dessert. We went back to his place to wait for the last train and I saw a little of A Few Good Men, which I now must Netflix.

So I got home pretty late, and got up fairly early this morning and was picked up - along with my spinning wheel - by Jacob (Jessica's boy). We headed over to their house where I met Amanda and Nicole and we all proceeded to spin and knit. And because Jacob is so nice, he even offered to stain and finish my spinning wheel for me, so I left it over there. And Jessica made sweet potato pie, which was really yummy.

The only not-so-good part was that I had a fight with their cat, Lenin (who is quite evil) and he scratched my face. I think I won though, he went and hid for a couple of hours.


Jan. 9th, 2006 01:19 am
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Well, the weekend was filled with knitting and more knitting. Saturday I went out to Quincy (a suburb of Boston) to meet a knitting buddy, Jennifer. We headed out to Hanover, MA (I've never been there before, cool!) and went to AC Moore for their yarn sale - which resulted in me purchasing my promised sweater's worth of yarn for Tubey! Then we headed back to her house, ordered some yummy pizza, and knit for a good part of the day.

I came home and watched Serenity (Finally... It was awesome!) and a bit of Veronica Mars and started on my sweater.

Today I slept in - a bit too late, actually - and then cleaned up a bit around the house and went to Knitsmiths. I worked on a scarf for me - that shall be cool too. :)
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I snapped this photo of the lovely [ profile] meli88 dressed in a bunch of clothes she got from me.

The hat is my newest knitted creation, the sweashirt was a gift she opened this morning, and the PJ pants I bought for her (2?) years ago.

Image hosted by

Now get back to your celebrating, (or your lamenting that nothing is open today), or movies, or whatever. :)
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By special request:

Image hosted by

I made a hat for the lovely [ profile] hibrian, and there it is. He approves of CTHGSY too.

(If you're interested in seeing Life with CTHGSY: Chapter Two, it's here)
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As promised in the earlier entry. (Excuse the pictures, this episode was taking on my camera phone, which doesn't do well in the dark.)

On Saturday morning CTHGSY and I slept in. Then we went to the mall to go shopping with Brit, of the Britpop hat fame. We did some holiday shopping, then stopped for Starbucks on our way out into the now dark world.

Image hosted by

What a man! Not only did he go shopping with me (and, did I mention, a friend!) but he didn't complain once! We headed over to censored location to buy a present for my little sister, but alas, it was closed. Then we headed on the T.

Image hosted by

Brit departed to go to dinner, and CTHGSY accompanied me to a party. Did I say yet what a great guy CTHGSY is? He didn't know anyone at the party, and he still came along with no complaint. He didn't nag me or ask to go home early. He let me mingle and didn't cling to my side the whole party. In fact, we did nothing but what I wanted to do all day! CTHGSY really is a great boyfriend.
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Here's Melanie and me at the Volunteer Park greenhouse.

Yesterday we went to the greenhouse, went to Weaving Works and got our U-district fix, and then headed down to U-Village. We had some coffee at Starbucks with Zoe standing guard, and then we took turns holding Zoe while we alternately checked out stores.

Here's [ profile] meli88 with the wild-eyed Zoe.

Image hosted by

Meli is wearing her birthday present rainbow scarf knit by yours truly.
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Ahhh... a nice night of knitting, and I made a pumpkin! I asked my coworker Jen before leaving work if I should go see the movie or just go home. She voted home since I've been sick, and I agreed that was probably best.

And I'm glad that I did. A nice night of iTunes and knitting with the kitties was just what I needed. :)
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And all I have is this crummy picture on my camera phone. :(
Photo 49.jpg


Oct. 18th, 2005 03:44 pm
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Well, I'm feeling much better and less cold-like. I'm at work today. I had lab meeting in the morning after deciding to walk instead of taking the bus. This was the first sign that I was feeling much better, because yesterday I couldn't even think about walking 2 1/2 miles to school. I listened to some much-needed NIN on the way and it cheered me right up after a night of weird dreams and noises that had me up every 20 minutes between about 4:30am and when my alarm went off at 7:15am. See, I had to pee, then it was too hot, the cats were meowing, I let them in, I put them out, I opened the window, people outside were being noisy... You get the picture. I'm kind of notorious for weird dreams when I'm sick, and this was no exception.

Tonight I shall go to knitting group at Peet's coffee and finish sewing in my Rogue sleeve and hopefully get a picture, although I forgot to bring my camera so it will be a crummy phone picture. Hopefully I won't be dumb and I'll remember my camera tomorrow, but I don't know if I should really wear the Rogue to school - wouldn't want to with a backpack because it might mess it up. See, I just made the sweater and I'm already freaking about it.
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Well, the not-quite-cold that I had on Friday has turned into an actual cold. I feel crummy and I am personally a very cranky sick person, so this is not good. Tomorrow morning I must teach my section, so I'll be getting up bright and early to go do just that. I'll probably go home in the early afternoon, however, because I need to get better. I have to do various important school-type things this week.

I was going to watch an episode of Smallville (Thursday's, that I haven't watched yet) before bed. I think I'll just skip that and get to bed early - I need my rest and my head is hurting.

As for the trip, it was great. Friday after school/lab I headed home with Jessica. Nicole came to her house to meet us and we headed towards New York. The plan was to work on my sweater in the car, but it was raining horribly and I couldn't do it in the dark. So I mostly just chatted with Nicole. We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and continued on to Jacob's aunt's house in New York. Once there Nicole and I worked on my sweater, but it was late and we had no safety pins and quickly went to bed. In the morning we drove (not very far) to Rhinebeck. It was raining when we got there, but it cleared up pretty quickly and we didn't need coats or sweaters at all! I got some lovely sock yarn and some roving to spin and stayed within my budget.

On the way home we stopped at Friendly's (like Denny's, but with ice cream) and had dinner. I had grilled cheese. :) Then we had sundaes, and the cute waiter guy gave us (me?) a whole bowl of maraschino cherries. (I say me not because I'm conceited, but because I said I liked them when he asked if he should take them off the sundaes.) Luckily I don't get carsick because that would have been far from pretty.

Today I just stayed home and watched Roswel and knittedl, wallowing in my sickness. ;)
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A couple of days ago one of the genetics students came and sat next to me in class and started sniffling. Now I'm sniffling. Gosh darn it stay home from school when you're sick or at least don't sit by me! (Either that, or [ profile] robb54 transmitted me his cold via phone.) I'm still in the not-yet-sick stage, so hopefully it will stay that way.

Tonight the plan is to head home with Jessica after journal club and genetics happy hour. Nicole will meet us there, and we'll head to New York in two cars, bound for Jacob's aunt's house. Tomorrow we'll head on over to the sheep and wool festival while Jacob and Tesla go to a Pyrenes thingie. I'll try to email-post, maybe even with a picture of me in my hopefully-finished sweater. I'll be seaming it tonight, but there isn't really all that much to do. :)
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This weekend I'm doing something, like, totally awesome, k?

I'm going to Rhinebeck ( a big New York sheep & wool festival ) with the school knitting girlies. It shall be magically exciting. I shall purchase some roving to do more spinning! I shall have a joyous time. There is a chocolate booth! Strange but true. I have no clue what a chocolate booth is doing at a sheep & wool festival, but there it is.

And I will hopefully get pictures of me wearing my first ever handknit-by-me adult-sized sweater. (In the long-sleeved sense, I've made tanks and T-shirts.)

As for the rest of life, tonight I'm going over to Alasdair's to watch Big Fish with him, Amanda, his roomie, and [ profile] rikaard. Tomorrow I'm presenting at (and single-handedly wrangling) rotation club since Jenny will be gone. Then tomorrow night it's off to Rhinebeck. I think we're coming back Saturday afternoon/evening, so I'll be around Sunday to give lovin to the kitties and go to Sunday kniting group. Maybe I'll even try to see a movie sometime soon!
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Well, quite a bit actually!

Today and yesterday are/were the Broad retreat. What's the Broad? Well, first off, it's not pronounced "brahd" it's "brohd" and it's where most (half?) of the people in my lab work. Yeah, the ones that don't work here at Harvard Med. And where is the retreat you ask... well, it's right here in my very own New Research Building. So I'm not retreating very far - just downstairs. As a result of this and the Monday holiday I'm getting just about 0 work done this week. Right now is a quick break between talks.

After hours the knitting is going quite well. This weekend (Friday night and Saturday) I'm heading to New York for the Rhinebeck festival (a sheep-y, yarn-y kind of thing) with some of the school knitting girls. I hope to wear my ever-so-fabulous cabled sweater which I am currently finishing the sleeve for. The knitting pressure is on!

In addition I am teaching genetics and wrangling 1st years on Friday afternoon as usual. Now envy me. ;)
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I've been doing some thinking lately.

Well mostly this evening. My day was actually quite full of giggly joy. I met Amanda (a 1st year student in my program, not one of the many other Amandas I know) at 10 this morning to go to a Columbus Day sale at a local yarn store. Harvard classes were cancelled for Columbus Day, because Massachusetts likes these kinds of holidays. We headed out to the store, had some interesting chats along the way about trying to find the way to Target. When we got there I immediately noticed the camouflage yarn. It comes in traditional camo, the blue camo, and "urban" camo (that's the black, white, and blue-grey one right?). Another knitter mentioned (or maybe I got the idea myself) that this would make an awesome multidirectional scarf so I decided to get some - but which one?

I like the blue better of course, but the regular would match my pants. I joked that maybe I should make a camo shrug (like a mini cardigan) to go with my camo pants, and Amanda thought it was hilarious. So did I. In fact I thought it was so hilarious that I decided to actually do it!

After yarn shopping Amanda and I headed back to Longwood to go to lab. I ran a gel, and headed home for some grading and relaxation.

Now back to the thinking. I just wish I was more sure about what I want in life... about everything. I make decisions when I'm forced to, and every other time I stall because I'm too afraid I'll make the wrong decision. I can't follow it down the road and know exactly what's going to happen. I guess that's the way it is. No one knows exactly what's going to happen and no one knows the future so there's always some uncertainty. I guess I just have to live with it.
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So I woke up early this morning to a weird sound. It sounded kind of like a hissing and running water. I got up, I went to check if the toilet was running water (which it does occasionally after you flush it and it doesn't reset properly) but it was fine. The cats hadn't turned on the kitchen faucet. Then I came back in my room and heard the sound was near the laptop. The laptop was sleeping but I opened it to see if it was spinning the CD or something, and it wasn't.

Then it dawned on me - duh! The radiator! Can you tell I've never lived in a house with a really old heating system?

Today I did some more cleaning around the apartment and went to True Grounds for knitting group. The weather was actually jacket weather today - I wore my jacket I bought last year with the liner zipped out because it's pretty waterproof and it was supposed to rain. I worked on the sleeve for my Rogue, which I started last year at almost exactly this time. After abandoning it for months it's almost done - hopefully I can finish it and wear it next weekend when I'm going to a sheep and wool festival in New York. :)

Now I'm back home and planning to do a bit of grading and watch Bell, Book, and Candle while working more on my sleeve. Tomorrow I'm going to a sale at one of the area yarn shops with one of the new students in my program. Should be fun although I don't if/what I'll get.
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