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One of my 101 goals was to get a Lomography camera. I haven't done that yet, but I did find an Lomography app, and another similar app called Camerabag for my iPhone. Plus, didn't I want to take more pictures anyway?

The Camerabag app has more photo effects, and it allows you to use pictures from your photo library, which means I could even upload pictures from my regular camera and use Camerabag to modify them. The LOMO app requires you to take the picture in that application and only has 4 effects, but it's still cool.

So tonight I decide to take a cool bath because it is way too hot around here, and of course Java decides to come visit. I have also discovered that sunscreen is very effective in preventing my cats from licking me.

I was a little apprehensive about my iPhone hanging out so close to water, but it was too cute not to take pictures.


This original turned to the picture below with the Fisheye effect in Camerabag:

Java Fisheye

Then I took this one in the LOMO app and used their LC-A Normal effect:

Java Lomo

And the last one is the original photo, followed by a bunch of effects in Camerabag:



Java Redscale


Java Helga


Java LoLo
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Today Pan and Java went to get their shots. Petco does a vaccination thing every other Saturday morning and [ profile] bryghtrose was nice enough to pick up me and the furballs and transport us there and back.

They were a hit! First the girl checking the paperwork commented on their very long names (I put their *full* names on the paperwork) and then the vet commented on how well behaved they were.

Now, I know my cats are spectacular and very lovely, and it's not just because I am biased as their human. In line they sat quietly in their carriers despite the fact that there were dogs both in front of and behind us and they kept coming up to inspect the cats in their carriers. Everyone got along quite well.

When they checked the paperwork they asked if the cats might try to attack the vet when he pulled them out of the carrier. A firm no to that one. Then we actually got them up to do their shots they were both very calm and compliant and didn't even squirm while getting the shots or make any noise. The first cat in line was yowling like crazy! Both the vet and the other dude (tech perhaps?) commented on how well behaved and quiet they were.

I was actually kind of shocked. I knew they wouldn't bite or try to attack anyone, but even I didn't expect them to quietly and calmly submit to the shots and then willingly get back in the carriers! But anyway, I now have successfully vaccinated kitties that are sitting on the bed like usual and not even avoiding me. :)

Even Cathy, a not very pet person, said they were the best behaved pets there. I don't think that was too much of a stretch either.


Apr. 9th, 2006 03:49 am
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No content here, move along!
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Last night I planned to go home and get some cleaning done... Maybe a little spinning, and some knitting and Netflix-watching.

Well, somewhere between leaving the lab and arriving home, I got an email from Brit inviting me to come out to Salem for dinner. I took him up on that offer and T-ed and Commuter Rail-ed my way out to Salem, MA. Which I must say I have still not really seen, being that I have only driven through it in a flash both times I've been there.

We went to nearby Beverly and had sushi at a Japanese place (and sat on cushions on the floor and had to take off our shoes!). I had Kappa Maki and an avocado roll - yummy! Afterwards we went to an (Italian?) place for yummy dessert. We went back to his place to wait for the last train and I saw a little of A Few Good Men, which I now must Netflix.

So I got home pretty late, and got up fairly early this morning and was picked up - along with my spinning wheel - by Jacob (Jessica's boy). We headed over to their house where I met Amanda and Nicole and we all proceeded to spin and knit. And because Jacob is so nice, he even offered to stain and finish my spinning wheel for me, so I left it over there. And Jessica made sweet potato pie, which was really yummy.

The only not-so-good part was that I had a fight with their cat, Lenin (who is quite evil) and he scratched my face. I think I won though, he went and hid for a couple of hours.
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I have a friend Nicole who is not a cat person. She always says that my cats wouldn't care if I died as long as someone came around to feed them. Well, I'm not sure I quite believe that, but I do understand her concern. I do a lot for my cats! I buy the kibble and distribute twice daily, I clean the litterbox, I provide treats and body heat.

But... what do they do for me?

Well, late the night before last, I found out. Note: If you are afraid of spiders, skip this post.

Last night I had a dream. In the dream I was in a bathroom, and in the bathroom was a bowl with some decorative rocks. Suddenly a spider crawled out. It was a very large spider (3 inches in diameter - I just *knew* that in my dream) and had a hard shell like a crab. The spider started crawling around the large bathroom, and laying eggs, one at a time, that had little umbrellas that popped open above them automatically. (Don't even ask...) Then the huge creepy spider started crawling up my leg and possibly bit me, then went back to the hiding place in the bowl where it carefully concealed itself by looking just like a decorative rock.

The dream continuted with us looking for the spider, discovering it was missing from the bowl, etc.

Well, when I awakened in the middle of the night feeling kind of creepy (hey, I'm not scared of spiders, but it wasn't a fun dream) the first thing I saw was Mr. Pan. He heard me stirring and came to make sure I was OK see if it was time for breakfast. Well, my first thought in my half asleep and creeped out state was "Oh, it's ok. If a huge crab-shelled spider was in my apartment, Pan and Java would kill it."

I rolled over and went back to sleep. Hey, peace of mind in the middle of the night is worth quite a lot.
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So a few minutes ago I heard a horrible racket coming from the direction of the kitchen (mostly). I walk in to find a terrified boy cat that has just knocked a bag of treats off the top of the fridge. But that really wouldn't cause this much noise, and everything else in the kitchen seems unharmed.

So I put some water on for tea and hear it again. In comes girl cat. It seems she's put her head through the handle of a paper Trader Joe's bag and is stuck, and is tearing around the house with it causing this thunderous noise. So she comes tearing into the kitchen and jumps up almost into the sink with this wild look in her eyes. Luckily as she's jumping back out of the sink she tears the handle and the bag falls to the floor as she runs for the living room. I come back to my room to find boy cat looking alarmed. Girl cat is hiding somewhere in the living room. ;)
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Image hosted by


The kitties are doing great, and behaving themselves very well. :)

I've had a weekend of mostly knitting, although on Friday Brit came over and we had vegetarian chinese and watched Closer. Well, I watched Closer, he mostly snored on the couch. ;)

And because I told [ profile] robb54 that I would, a picture of the scarf I started today:

Image hosted by
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Today when I got home there was a box from waiting for me. It contained a tea brewing basket, a few household essentials, and a toy for the kitties.

The toy is a snake with crackley stuff inside it, and as soon as I got it out they started fighting over it. A few minutes later it looked like this:

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
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I was away this weekend at the BBS retreat. (That's my program at school, in case you didn't know.)

On Friday I woke up and got the kitties ready for their time alone. Cleaned and refilled the litter box and big (1.3 gallon) water dispenser. Gave them much food, etc. Then I headed to meet my ride. The ride to Provincetown was uneventful, and once we got there we had some lunch and started practicing for the musical. When everyone else arrived I put my stuff in my room, went to the reception and opening talks, and performed the musical! Then it was time for dinner. After dinner were a couple more talks, and then Casino Night. I was a dealer and dealt blackjack for the whole time. My table was mostly (all?) new first year students and they were a lot of fun so that went well.

Then I went with the intention of knitting with some of the girls. One of our knitting girls was manning the Dance Dance Revolution, though, so we stopped to say hi and ended up doing some DDR. I played for the first time, but the pad I was using was wireless and the signal wasn't picking up so I have no idea how I was doing as it only said "Boo" for every move. ;) After that it was pretty late so I headed back to my room, chatted with [ profile] robb54 (yay for coastal time zone differences!) and went to bed.

Saturday morning I got up, went to breakfast, and went to student talks. After lunch we had some free time so Alice and I went and hung around P-town. I've never been there before, so it was pretty fun. There are a lot of cute little shops, and a lot of hot gay guys. Sad for me. ;) I have enough trouble checking out gay guys in normal areas, and when you're somewhere where at least 70% of males are gay (ok, I admit I totally made up that statistic) it's even harder. We headed back for more talks (a couple of students and our awesome keynote speaker Craig Venter) and dinner. After dinner I set up my laptop for karaoke and did a bit of laptop babysitting, a bit of singing, and a bit of knitting. Once again it was too late to do the planned hang-out-and-knit with the girls so I once again went back to my room and went to sleep.

This morning I got up, had breakfast, went to the panels, and started heading back to Boston with Alice and Nicole. We stopped for a little shopping detour at Williams Sonoma and Crate and Barrel. I got a lovely silicone spatula. When I finally got home I fed the cats and took a nap because I was sooooo tired. I'm still tired, and I have to be up pretty early in the morning, so I'm about to go to bed.

In other news:

The kitties are settling in well and generally behaving well too. We've had a few run-ins about refusing to come out from under the bed hello spray bottle, but otherwise everything is great. The boy (still unnamed, I'm working on it) even came and cuddled a bit during my nap. The girl prefers to follow me from room to room and rub against my legs. The kittes aren't allowed in my room at night, though.
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Well my kitties have been great so far. There are only two non-perfect things they've done.

1. I was awakened at about 5:45 this morning by meowing. Not outside-the-door kind of meowing, but distressed meowing. After a couple of minutes I went out to check out the problem. There was the poor boy kitty meowing piteously in the kitchen. I looked to see if he had food (he did) and he didn't seem to be harmed in any way, so I was confused. But then I figured it out... where was the girl kitty? After a bit of searching I located her - in the cupboard under the sink with the door closed. As soon as he saw her he was fine, so I guess he was just afraid because he couldn't find her.

2. Someone (ahem, boy kitty) jumped up on my dresser and knocked a bunch of stuff down.

I have also discovered a little more about them. The boy kitty is very affectionate, and the girl likes to follow me around everywhere. When I leave a room, she follows. She'll even follow me into the bathroom if I don't close the door. At the moment she's headbutting and rubbing all over me as I type. :)
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And here, for a quick post before I leave to go to the North Shore with [ profile] chrssybr to meet Brit, are pictures of them.

Here's the male (currently called Sebastian):

Image hosted by

And here's the female (currently called Lulu):

Image hosted by

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My short-but-jam-packed trip to Seattle was great. I saw Garbage on Friday (as I said before) and Dashboard Confessional on Monday. I also got to eat at all my fave Seattle-area restaurants (Savan, Saya, Taste of India, Bamboo Garden, Pabla, and Chocolati) plus a yummy Mexican place.

I got some jeans that fit, I went shopping with my "trying stuff on buddy" [ profile] hibrian. We're awesome shopping buddies, very honest without being hurtful. Like when I told him the sweater at Express looked like Mr. Rogers would be wearing it. And I trust him to tell me if the pants I'm buying make me look fat. He would do it in the nicest way possible. :)

Oh, and for the second of two times the girl at Express thought we were going to share a dressing room. It's very weird how they do that. I mean, maybe they're assuming that neither of us 'swings that way' or something, but it's just odd. Then we were at another store and [ profile] hibrian asked the guy if we could get a dressing room. And then clarified that we each wanted our own, all because of those crazy Express girls.

Well, now I'm back home and the kitty stuff has arrived before the kitties. They'll hopefully be arriving this weekend. Then I'll finally believe that I actually get them and take massive amounts of photos to bug you all. :)


Aug. 12th, 2005 11:16 am
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If all goes well I will have this cat tomorrow.

Image hosted by

Please send lots of good kitty wishes my way. I'm so excited!


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