Mar. 7th, 2008 05:44 pm
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I like spicy food. Thus I am forever annoyed by salsas and such claiming to be HOT in big yellow letters in a red box and such, practically looking like they wish they could throw caution tape around the jar, and then eating them and finding them to be maybe a teeeeny bit spicy. Now I realize that I am not the target audience - that they probably think they're dealing with people who think Spicy Nacho Doritos are too hot to handle, but then again shouldn't those people be smart enough to buy the "Mild" salsa?

In any case, Newman's Own is pretty good stuff and having some of their "HOT" salsa on top of jalapeño chips (yes, that would be real jalapeño chunks right in the chips) gives some nachos with a bit of kick. :) I'm pleased.

(So says the girl who just sprinkled her salad with liberal amounts of Red Hot.)
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Something about Rachel and Thursdays and being social...

Tonight I went to a vegetarian potluck party at Rachel's - it was interesting as usual. There were yummy veggie Sloppy Joe's and enchiladas, I brought cookies - a bit of a cop out but I was coming from work.

And, as always, there was good and interesting company. I met lots of new people, chatted it up, and generally enjoyed myself a lot. On the way home I rode the T partway with one of Rachel's classmates who attended the party and chatted with him, and then on the ride from downtown to my neighborhood I talked to a group of people going to a Minus The Bear concert at the Middle East. They tried to convince me to come too, but I had to get home and get to bed. (What? I'm going to bed soon, I promise!)

It all started because the guy was wearing a I (heart) Seattle shirt and I said I loved Seattle too, then he started talking to me about this band, which is apparently sort of indie-prog from Seattle. I'm going to check them out. The people I met weren't actually from Seattle or anything, he just loved it because he understood the inherent awesomeness of my home city. ;)

And speaking of checking out music, I've been trying to listen to some new music lately. New being not necessarily *new* but more things-I-don't-listen-to-yet. I know there are quite a few bands out there that are similar to bands that I like, so I've been making an effort to check them out too.

Muse, for example, sounds like the result of a brief love affair between Radiohead and Dredg with a little bit of rebellion against the parents thrown in there for spice.

I'm listening to Diecast because Betsy knows them (or at least the singer) and promises we will go see them if/when they come here.

And I'm going back to the basics with some Alice in Chains. Because ever since Seasonal Temptress covered Man In A Box back on MI I've been in love with that song in particular - but really as a Seattle grunge band they deserve a little more of my time.

And then there's this 27 album that I had but somehow didn't make the mp3s between one of the computer snafus and now it's back.

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Last night I planned to go home and get some cleaning done... Maybe a little spinning, and some knitting and Netflix-watching.

Well, somewhere between leaving the lab and arriving home, I got an email from Brit inviting me to come out to Salem for dinner. I took him up on that offer and T-ed and Commuter Rail-ed my way out to Salem, MA. Which I must say I have still not really seen, being that I have only driven through it in a flash both times I've been there.

We went to nearby Beverly and had sushi at a Japanese place (and sat on cushions on the floor and had to take off our shoes!). I had Kappa Maki and an avocado roll - yummy! Afterwards we went to an (Italian?) place for yummy dessert. We went back to his place to wait for the last train and I saw a little of A Few Good Men, which I now must Netflix.

So I got home pretty late, and got up fairly early this morning and was picked up - along with my spinning wheel - by Jacob (Jessica's boy). We headed over to their house where I met Amanda and Nicole and we all proceeded to spin and knit. And because Jacob is so nice, he even offered to stain and finish my spinning wheel for me, so I left it over there. And Jessica made sweet potato pie, which was really yummy.

The only not-so-good part was that I had a fight with their cat, Lenin (who is quite evil) and he scratched my face. I think I won though, he went and hid for a couple of hours.
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Seattle places I've managed to hit:

Taste of India
Bamboo Garden
Chocolati x 2

Places I plan to hit tonight with [ profile] hibrian:

Little Thai

Places I missed:

Taco Time (Hey, there's no Taco Time in Boston.) I always manage to miss this one.
decent Mexican (not to be confused with Taco Time)

People I saw:

Jason (kinda, only on the ride from the airport)
Aunts and uncles x 3
Cousin, wife, and for the very first time their baby
[ profile] hibrian (duh!)

People I missed:

[ profile] chrssybr
[ profile] halchedog
[ profile] robb54
Brit (although I'll see him back in Boston)
Jason (kinda, see above)
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Today [ profile] hibrian and I went to Bamboo Garden for lunch. There was a slight complication getting there because of traffic from the Seattle marathon and ensuing madness.

After lunch we headed out to Southcenter to see Pride and Prejudice, but decided on the way to just go shopping instead. We made a quick run to Old Navy where I bought a black fleece and some socks, headed over to Borders to look for DV for Brian, which they didn't have, and spent some time getting creative in Jo Ann's while looking at furry yarn.

We headed over to Half Price Books where I found Lemony Snicket #10 and #11 (no DV there either) and then to Barnes and Noble. Guess what book they didn't have. ;)

We headed over to the mall. Outside the mall Eulogy came on The End, which is having a no repeat weekend. Otherwise they never would have played a song with such a long intro, but I guess they're getting desperate! Sad though, because they have an entire day to go - wpnder what gems will be coming on tomorrow...

I decided against a sweatshirt at Express Men. It was adorable - and Brian has one already, but I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money. At Hot Topic I would have bought a H.I.M. shirt, but all they had was Youth Large and adult Large, neither of which are my size.

After the mall we went to get Bubble Tea, but sadly Yunnie is closed on Sundays (duh!) so we couldn't. :( Instead we went to yet another Barnes and Noble, which also didn't have DV but did have other fun things. We browsed books and giggled for about an hour!

Now I'm back at my aunt and uncle's house, and looking forward to my last day in Seattle tomorrow.


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