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Yep, it's my little sister's birthday today (well, at least in Boston it's today).

Happy Birthday!

I'm saving the festivities for when I see her over Thanksgiving. :)
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Well, I left off on Christmas morning when no one but me and my mom were awake. After posting that and checking the wakefulness of sisters again I decided to hop in the shower.

I was interrupted towards the end by Gina running in to throw up. A lovely start to the day.

We roused the troops and opened presents and ate some blueberry coffee cake.

My presents:

From mom:
blue star earrings (I picked them out myself)
a pretty mermaid with mermaid-unicorn mug
kitty socks

From [ profile] meli88:
a pretty little blue box with a silver star

From my cousin:
a cocktail book

From my aunt:
candy and a promise of yarn :)

From [ profile] hibrian:
marzipan fruits!

The rest of the day was spent sitting around knitting and playing Intrepid. And I watched V for Vendetta. :)

On the 26th we headed out to the outlet mall where I got some much needed comfy-yet-presentable black shoes and a T-shirt for myself. I contemplated and should have bought a jacket at Eddie Bauer, but I didn't. I watched Memoirs of a Geisha. That night we went swimming at a neat pool with tubes and a water slide, which was pretty neat.

I got up early in the morning to take a train back to Seattle...


Feb. 16th, 2006 07:36 pm
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Here's my (slightly late) Christmas present from my mom. Now the microwave isn't taking up the whole counter!

Image hosting by Photobucket

I put it together myself. With tools! Two types of screwdriver, a hammer, and about eleventy-one different kinds of screws and nails and hinges and other hardware. And it works! (I also finally found a use for the little drawer pulls that Robb got me a couple years ago. Just have to go buy some nuts tomorrow to put on the backs, since these have screws on the pulls and the ones that came with it have screw holes on the pulls.)


Dec. 26th, 2005 11:36 pm
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Today for our after-Christmas adventure, my family (and [ profile] meli88's friend Cortnie) went horseback riding.

We waited in the barn and got to know the horses:

Image hosted by

And then it was time to ride, and we ventured outside into the light rain (which thankfully stopped soon!)

Pictures behind the cut )

And after an hour we came back to the barn, and my mom snapped this picture of me on Jose just before I dismounted.

Image hosted by
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I snapped this photo of the lovely [ profile] meli88 dressed in a bunch of clothes she got from me.

The hat is my newest knitted creation, the sweashirt was a gift she opened this morning, and the PJ pants I bought for her (2?) years ago.

Image hosted by

Now get back to your celebrating, (or your lamenting that nothing is open today), or movies, or whatever. :)
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Seattle places I've managed to hit:

Taste of India
Bamboo Garden
Chocolati x 2

Places I plan to hit tonight with [ profile] hibrian:

Little Thai

Places I missed:

Taco Time (Hey, there's no Taco Time in Boston.) I always manage to miss this one.
decent Mexican (not to be confused with Taco Time)

People I saw:

Jason (kinda, only on the ride from the airport)
Aunts and uncles x 3
Cousin, wife, and for the very first time their baby
[ profile] hibrian (duh!)

People I missed:

[ profile] chrssybr
[ profile] halchedog
[ profile] robb54
Brit (although I'll see him back in Boston)
Jason (kinda, see above)
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Here's Melanie and me at the Volunteer Park greenhouse.

Yesterday we went to the greenhouse, went to Weaving Works and got our U-district fix, and then headed down to U-Village. We had some coffee at Starbucks with Zoe standing guard, and then we took turns holding Zoe while we alternately checked out stores.

Here's [ profile] meli88 with the wild-eyed Zoe.

Image hosted by

Meli is wearing her birthday present rainbow scarf knit by yours truly.


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