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It's been a while since I've remembered my dreams and posted them, but today I did.

I'm at the bank but the tellers are set up at folding tables with folding chairs. I get in a "line" (basically take a chair next to one of the tellers but not right in front) and I can hear what all the other customers are saying.

First a guy comes in with a fairly normal deposit, then a guy who's trying to cash a check but doesn't have proper ID. The weirdest part is that he's writing the check to himself right in front of the teller, but then it's not *from* him. There's one ID he tries to use first but his second ID is a driver's license - I notice he's from Washington too - which has a slightly different name than he's signed/is written on the check. After a long conversation with the teller about the sufficiency of his ID he finally decides not to cash the check because the friend who wrote it always bounces checks anyway.

The next guy is telling the teller all about his cats.

Finally it's my turn but a lady cuts in front of me and the teller says I should go to a different teller.

I woke up a bit, went back to sleep, and had a dream about some magical people at the circus - one older dude flying up into the air to be level with the trapeze artists and then "falling" and faking his own death. This one at least I know is because of my conversation yesterday about [ profile] grateblue2 joining the circus.
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I have a friend Nicole who is not a cat person. She always says that my cats wouldn't care if I died as long as someone came around to feed them. Well, I'm not sure I quite believe that, but I do understand her concern. I do a lot for my cats! I buy the kibble and distribute twice daily, I clean the litterbox, I provide treats and body heat.

But... what do they do for me?

Well, late the night before last, I found out. Note: If you are afraid of spiders, skip this post.

Last night I had a dream. In the dream I was in a bathroom, and in the bathroom was a bowl with some decorative rocks. Suddenly a spider crawled out. It was a very large spider (3 inches in diameter - I just *knew* that in my dream) and had a hard shell like a crab. The spider started crawling around the large bathroom, and laying eggs, one at a time, that had little umbrellas that popped open above them automatically. (Don't even ask...) Then the huge creepy spider started crawling up my leg and possibly bit me, then went back to the hiding place in the bowl where it carefully concealed itself by looking just like a decorative rock.

The dream continuted with us looking for the spider, discovering it was missing from the bowl, etc.

Well, when I awakened in the middle of the night feeling kind of creepy (hey, I'm not scared of spiders, but it wasn't a fun dream) the first thing I saw was Mr. Pan. He heard me stirring and came to make sure I was OK see if it was time for breakfast. Well, my first thought in my half asleep and creeped out state was "Oh, it's ok. If a huge crab-shelled spider was in my apartment, Pan and Java would kill it."

I rolled over and went back to sleep. Hey, peace of mind in the middle of the night is worth quite a lot.
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Last night, it was that Brit was dying of cancer. Don't ask, I have no idea where that came from at all. I don't think he ever actually died in the dream, though, so maybe he ended up being cured after I woke up. ;)

Harvard is reserving a movie theater to show Harry Potter on Nov. 17th, the day before it comes out! Sadly I can't go because that's the night of H.I.M. I guess I'd rather see H.I.M., since I can always see Harry Potter later, but still... :(

Oh well... Hopefully I can convince [ profile] hibrian to see it with me and [ profile] meli88 while we're in Seattle for Thanksgiving - and wear our scarves too. Hmm? Hmm?
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When I'm sick I often have strange dreams. Last night was one of the weirdest, though. Some little elf guy (but tiny, like Tinkerbell sized) was visiting me for some reason. (I don't remember.)

I also didn't want anyone to know I had talked to him, so I convinced him to drown himself in a little rectangular dish (sort of like a cake pan) and he did. After he was dead I think I threw his body in the dumpster. Then I woke up.
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OK, so maybe it's not wise to post an open question like that on my LJ. I may hear things I don't want to hear...

Oh well. The real question is this:

I have a recurring dream element (you know, the dream is different each time, but this one thing shows up a lot). In my dream I will be chewing something that is too big to chew, and I have to pull it out of my mouth because I can't chew it and I can't speak. Fairly often it's a big wad of gum, once I remember it was newspaper, and I vaguely recall that I dreamt about it today and I think it was candy or something.

Anyway, go crazy dream analyzers and tell me what this means!


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