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Last night after work I headed out to Salem to meet [ profile] bryghtrose for dinner and knitting group. We went back to her place and watched some Law & Order and did some more knitting before bed.

Then today we headed out to explore Salem a bit and visit the Peabody Essex Museum for the exhibit on Tā moko - the traditional facial tattoos of the Māori in New Zealand. It was really a very interesting group of photos and stories. I was especially interested when I noticed and then read about the prevalence of the spiral shape - I like spirals too!

We looked around at another temporary exhibit about weddings which showcased quite a few very interesting dresses and showed traditional garments and items from weddings in other cultures as well. Some of the most impressive were a huge wedding "cake" made entirely of frosting, a beautiful quilt made from pieces of wedding dresses, and the Korean wooden wedding duck.

We also saw assorted glass, maritime stuff, teapots, and the most gorgeous Japanese moon bed which I wanted for my very own. Combine that with hanging out in downtown Salem a bit and you have a very successful Saturday. :)
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Thursday night I joined [ profile] caflygrl and [ profile] orionnebula and a few others to go see A Midsummer Night's Dream on the common. It was very good, although the interpretive dance of the fairies frightened me a bit. It is a section that is a good spot for creative interpretation in the play, and their interpretation was certainly creative! The fairies were wearing bright fluffy pants and capes in neon colors and dancing rather erratically.

Friday after work I met up with Andreas and [ profile] grateblue2 to go to The Garment District to pick up clothes for the '80s party we're attending tonight. I decided to go '80s punk instead of just general '80s so I picked up an old faded band T-shirt and cut off the sleeves and neckline, a pair of black jeans which I cut some artful "rips" in before I threw it in the wash today to make them fray, and pretty plastic earrings and a matching bracelet, and some hot pink fishnet gloves. I also bought some black lace up shoes that remind me of ballet flats. Sadly I had forgotten that I already bought black and white striped sneakers with charms on them on Thursday, and I think those are the ones that will make it to the party. I'm also throwing on one of the lovely skull wristers that [ profile] grateblue2 knit for me and my normal wallet chain, and my spiked collar if I can find it. I wish I still had my dog chain with the padlock, but oh well...

Today I did laundry in between spurts of *very* heavy rain - it's been thunderstorming all day with intermittent flash floods. Soon I can leave to go to [ profile] grateblue2's and get ready for the party. :)


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