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The themes are unintentionally morphing into other themes for me. Yellow turned out to mean food.


Jan 16


Jan 17

Mmmm... like little delicious snowflakes.

This week's theme is clutter - for me so far that's been knitting (yesterday and today's alternate), and I have more knitting clutter for later this week.

My Monday night knitting group:

Jan 18


Jan 19

To be more original I decided to go with perfume. ;)
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The theme for this week is yellow, so more produce is making an appearance.

Jan 15

I got a box today with several yellow-ish fruits and vegetables, so they lined up on the counter for a little photo shoot. :)
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Today I decided to go with the weekly theme again, and take a picture of something yellow.

Jan 14

Mmmm... yummy!
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[ profile] marmelade made a special picture request after I mentioned the creative uses of Erlenmeyer Flasks at the lab. This is the best use I could find!

Jan 13-1

Meet our lab fish.

Jan 13-2

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The theme this week is yellow, and this little guy was just hanging out in my bathroom.

Jan 12

Tomorrow, a special birthday gift-picture for [ profile] marmelade. :)
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Yesterday while heading out in the evening the sky was the most beautiful color, which I tried to capture with my iPhone:

Jan 10

Not perfect, but the color is close and all that dimply texture is little tiny blobs of clouds. Of course it looked better in person.

Then this morning while turning on the light in my fish tank, I saw this:

Jan 11

My little algae eater is just hanging out on the leaf of one of the plants, which was swaying a bit in the water. It was so cute I just had to take a picture, and I didn't find anything better the rest of the day. The white streaks in the background are from the bubbles shooting down into the water from the filter.
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Yesterday I didn't post my picture here, though I did take it.

Jan 8

Brian has nice lights.

Today I've got a little series. This one isn't *really* knitting related, but it did come as an extra in a knitting kit:


That's what I got (there were also marshmallows - handmade ones - but they have gelatin so they're going to someone who will actually eat them.)

The official 365 project photo:

Jan 9

And what I'm going to drink in a minute when I get back to this disk of Deadwood:

whisk cocoa
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A little peek at the knitting tonight - taken with the iPhone since my camera's battery went dead. :(

Girasole 2

Not the best, the iPhone doesn't do so well in bad light. But all the days can't be spectacular.
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Today I had a little fun with the LomoCamera app on my iPhone.

I took this picture while waiting for the bus on my lunch break.


And then I started messing around with it in LomoCamera...

LC-A Normal (this one is my favorite!)

Tree - LC-A Normal


Tree - Bluescale

X-Pro (I also like this one a lot, but it's less realistic)

Tree - X-Pro

Black & White

Tree - Black & White
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A little bit of action at the lab:


This one was taken on my iPhone and edited in CameraBag - I used the Magazine filter.
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Jan 4

A view of my window at work - my coworker and I have a lot of plants. Of course, when you take this picture in the dark, the window reflects the room. Maybe someday I'll do another during the day.
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Meet the chard:

Jan 3

I started getting a box of organic fruits and veggies delivered recently, and this chard came in it. I don't know if I've eaten chard before, but I've certainly not cooked it... until tonight. Not bad!
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Today I unintentionally have two very "Seattle" pictures.

First off, the Space Needle:

Jan 2-1

It would be hard to be standing in view of it for 10 minutes and not take a picture - this was an unexpected opportunity since I just happened to be transfering buses by Seattle Center. I also took two shots with the Canon, but of course they are not developed yet. Maybe if they come out I'll share one later.

Then... I went out for coffee:

Jan 2-2
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I tried to take the Canon with me today to take some pictures, but it was just so cloudy and awful outside I was worried they wouldn't come out, and then I got sidetracked. So here are two pics taken with my digital cam:

Jan 1-2

Pan was being especially annoying this morning and knocking everything off the side table by my desk, so I took a few very macro pics of him. The color was adjusted in Windows Photo Gallery (auto fix, though it didn't seem to change much) and the photo was cropped.

Jan 1-1

When I looked outside to see if maybe I should make a quick run out to do some pics with the Canon, this is what I saw. No thanks! I kind of like the effect of shooting through my rainy window, though. This is completely unedited.


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