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A little peek at the knitting tonight - taken with the iPhone since my camera's battery went dead. :(

Girasole 2

Not the best, the iPhone doesn't do so well in bad light. But all the days can't be spectacular.
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Today I had a little fun with the LomoCamera app on my iPhone.

I took this picture while waiting for the bus on my lunch break.


And then I started messing around with it in LomoCamera...

LC-A Normal (this one is my favorite!)

Tree - LC-A Normal


Tree - Bluescale

X-Pro (I also like this one a lot, but it's less realistic)

Tree - X-Pro

Black & White

Tree - Black & White
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A little bit of action at the lab:


This one was taken on my iPhone and edited in CameraBag - I used the Magazine filter.
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Jan 4

A view of my window at work - my coworker and I have a lot of plants. Of course, when you take this picture in the dark, the window reflects the room. Maybe someday I'll do another during the day.
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Meet the chard:

Jan 3

I started getting a box of organic fruits and veggies delivered recently, and this chard came in it. I don't know if I've eaten chard before, but I've certainly not cooked it... until tonight. Not bad!
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Today I unintentionally have two very "Seattle" pictures.

First off, the Space Needle:

Jan 2-1

It would be hard to be standing in view of it for 10 minutes and not take a picture - this was an unexpected opportunity since I just happened to be transfering buses by Seattle Center. I also took two shots with the Canon, but of course they are not developed yet. Maybe if they come out I'll share one later.

Then... I went out for coffee:

Jan 2-2
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I tried to take the Canon with me today to take some pictures, but it was just so cloudy and awful outside I was worried they wouldn't come out, and then I got sidetracked. So here are two pics taken with my digital cam:

Jan 1-2

Pan was being especially annoying this morning and knocking everything off the side table by my desk, so I took a few very macro pics of him. The color was adjusted in Windows Photo Gallery (auto fix, though it didn't seem to change much) and the photo was cropped.

Jan 1-1

When I looked outside to see if maybe I should make a quick run out to do some pics with the Canon, this is what I saw. No thanks! I kind of like the effect of shooting through my rainy window, though. This is completely unedited.
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I've decided my last 101 in 1001 goal...

101. Participate in Project 365 (a photo each day) for 2010.

And where better to post them than in my sadly neglected livejournal? So each day in 2010 I'll take a picture. I may not get to post it that day - especially if it's on the film camera. But I think between my iPhone, digital camera, and new love for the old Canon I can do it. Plus, if I ever get that Holga I can't stop thinking about... ;)
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I just saw the link to this cute little story (short too!) on Neil Gaiman's blog. But I know a lot of you don't read that, and it's really worth seeing.

Eric - a story in pictures

Other than that I don't have much to tell... I'll be having Thanksgiving on the Oregon coast next week, so maybe I'll manage to take some pictures and tell you all about that. :)
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So, I went a month without posting much of anything, and now it's time to catch up.

I am typing from my *new laptop*!

It all happened when I was thinking about getting Adobe Creative Suite and realized that it would likely not run on my old laptop. :( Probably in part because the hard drive is about 95% full and the poor thing takes ages start up Firefox. And that's with a bunch of the older files "archived" to an external drive. Well, it is a problem no more! Now I have a 500GB hard drive and I can have all my music on my computer at once! Woohoo!

This new laptop is awesome, but with a 17" widescreen it's also a bit huge. In fact, it barely even fit in my backpack. :o So the other laptop - once many of the files are cleared off - will likely make a fabulous travel / internet laptop.

Also, apparently my new sound card makes my speakers sound a lot better!
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One of my 101 goals was to get a Lomography camera. I haven't done that yet, but I did find an Lomography app, and another similar app called Camerabag for my iPhone. Plus, didn't I want to take more pictures anyway?

The Camerabag app has more photo effects, and it allows you to use pictures from your photo library, which means I could even upload pictures from my regular camera and use Camerabag to modify them. The LOMO app requires you to take the picture in that application and only has 4 effects, but it's still cool.

So tonight I decide to take a cool bath because it is way too hot around here, and of course Java decides to come visit. I have also discovered that sunscreen is very effective in preventing my cats from licking me.

I was a little apprehensive about my iPhone hanging out so close to water, but it was too cute not to take pictures.


This original turned to the picture below with the Fisheye effect in Camerabag:

Java Fisheye

Then I took this one in the LOMO app and used their LC-A Normal effect:

Java Lomo

And the last one is the original photo, followed by a bunch of effects in Camerabag:



Java Redscale


Java Helga


Java LoLo


May. 1st, 2009 09:35 am
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The radio station we play at work (The Mountain, for the locals) is pretty decent. Sure, they play a few very annoying songs over and over, and then occasionally they bust out the Sublime and I want to throw things at the radio... But overall they're pretty unoffensive and occasionally even play things that I like.

Well, they also have all these recordings that the radio has done in their "lounge" so occasionally they'll have something that utterly confuses me - like the acoustic version of Plush - and I'll spend a minute thinking "I know this song... but it sounds so different..." (Incidentally, they also had a different acoustic version of About A Girl!)

Well... the other day one of these songs came on where I thought "I swear I know this song, but it sounds way different!" and it was, of course, the original version of Wicked Game by... Chris Isaac, right? In any case, it was not the HIM version I was expecting. Then I felt sort of silly.
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OK, is it wrong that I find it totally hilarious that the library, in their section for recommended books for teens, actually has a separate section for "Vampires"? Just look here. Hee hee!

So, speaking of books, I picked up two I had on hold at the library today, and I requested one more that my aunt recommended to me the other night from PaperbackSwap (as well as had a request for one more book I was trying to get rid of!) Yay!

So, there's the question... What book do you think I should read?
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I saw this place a while back, in fact I think I might have told you. [ profile] snarfywarning, this one's for you!



This Mexican place is just down the street, and makes me think of you every time I see it. :)
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When I moved in to my apartment there was a rather cute new little fridge. Sadly it was also a non-functional little fridge.


As I said before, my apartment manager had called and this morning I got a bright and shiny (and BIG!) new fridge:


The fridge delivery guys were very worried that it wasn't going to fit, but amazingly it did (just barely!) and the door even opens.

Then this evening I went out with [ profile] hibrian for dinner at a cute vegetarian Thai place in Wallingford called Jhanjay. After that we went on a big Target run where I bought many necessary things for my apartment, including a little desk chair. I came home, put it together, and started talking to MJ on Skype.

Apparently Java was tired and decided that my [ profile] snarfywarning-twin socks in progress were an excellent pillow.


Too cute! She's settled down since the scary fridge delivery guys this morning.
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So, I'm at Starbucks knitting socks. Sadly I forgot my headphones, so I'm forced to overhear this awful know-it-all girl go off on everything from the Brazillian culture to temporary pastors at her church to the ease of dancing in the '60s. Apparently to dance to the rock music of today you need lots of practice. Also you only have to nod "like a bobblehead". Wow, that sounds so difficult freak girl. I'm glad I overheard you so I can learn how to dance to my 'modern rock music' :P

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My lovely sister [ profile] meli88 taught me this Greek expression, which has now been getting liberal, and only occasionally appropriate, usage around the house.

My best explanation is thus:

Your ex (or something similar, at any rate someone you are not currently involved with but perhaps were in the past) suddenly decides that they really *do* like / love / want you and decides to contact you. This often occurs late at night, when they are drunk, or both. In my experience it is more likely to occur near the holidaze or your birthday, especially if you haven't heard from said person recently. The kicker is that it is almost always ill-advised and often even the person who has the flash doesn't have the same feelings in the morning / when they sober up.

Apparently when someone makes this sort of contact, the Greeks say they "had a flash". I have tried to use it as a verb, but "flashing" someone just doesn't have the same meaning. ;)

Sadly I have never had a flash. I have been on the receiving end of flashes many a time, and primarily from two people in particular. Sometime I would like to have a flash, but I don't think it counts if it's planned and also the only person I would currently try it on will most likely have a flash of his own sometime this week, so maybe I should just wait.

Then in a car "Call Me When You're Sober" by Evanescence came on and I realized that this too is a song about someone having a flash. :)

Just figured I should share this piece of brilliance with all of you.
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My interview on Wednesday went well and I got an email about another job prospect, so hopefully I'm on the way to being here permanently.

The promised snowstorm made it to Seattle last week, well slightly. Where I was there was about 1/2", although other parts of the city and surrounding areas got more. But even early Sunday morning the roads were ok. Today it is just cold and sunny and beautiful, almost in a Boston sort of way.

I'm taking the train down to Oregon to start the holiday festivities with the family. It seems that Oregon got hit with the snow much worse than Seattle did, and there's still snow, including about 3" of iced over stuff on the roads.

My Seattle trip was more successful this time, I got to see a few friends and do a lot of fun activities and meet some newer friends as well. I was killing time in Weaving Works while hanging out in the U-district and ran into a girl I know from sock camp two years ago, which was unexpected but lovely. She was one of my favorite people from camp, and didn't make it this year and probably won't make next year either.

Then while wandering downtown with my aunt yesterday I ran into a fellow Terry 10 inhabitant from the college days. I haven't seen or spoken to her in ages, but it was nice to get a chance to say hi.

And my aunt and I rode the carousel! I didn't get my favorite horse (black with a blue mane and tail) because some little 2 year old stole it out from under me ;) but I got to ride a purple horse so it was ok.

All in all a good trip up, and hopefully one I won't be having to make as a "trip" very soon.
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Today my little sister [ profile] meli88 is no longer a teenager. (I know, how sad!)

Happy Birthday [ profile] meli88, hope you're having a great day!
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Questionable Content talks about Metal Steve from Diesel Sweeties... plus, Opeth! How could I resist?
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